Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SPREADING THE WORD - Jeff's New Guest Post

As El Viajero Contento and my other blog, One Man's Wonder, slowly but surely gain a larger international following, I've been making some wonderful, often serendipitous, acquaintances with other thoughtful bloggers -- kindred spirits, if you will.

One such friend is View From the Pier, a travel blog that is, to tweak a word, wonder-full. Author, photographer and traveler Meg Pier does a superb job of weaving together colorful strands of adventure, human interest and mystical experience in her articles and interviews. Her work has also been published  in the Huffington Post, the Boston Globe and a number of other media, as well as in several of her own books.

I'm proud to say that View From the Pier has published my guest post, IS IT JUST ME? – My Boquete Epiphany. Many thanks to Meg!

HERE'S THE LINK: IS IT JUST ME? – My Boquete Epiphany