Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alone/Abandoned in Zihua.

As Sally and I have fallen in love with Zihuatanejo, we've asked ourselves how, given that we're not really residents, we can contribute something of value and meaning to the town and the area.
One great idea has come to our attention through ZihuaRob's Message Board, the very active "nerve center" of the worldwide community of Zihua lovers. A young woman named Alysa Duncan set out from Zihua. on an epic bike ride to raise funds for a new shelter for alone and abandoned senior citizens in Zihua. She left Aug. 29, rode 2,000 miles (across two thirds of Mexico and a nearly a third of the U.S.) and arrived in Oklahoma City Sept. 30.
You can read Alysa's blog about the adventure at http://ztookc.blogspot.com/2009/09/day-33-okc.html and contribute (by buying miles at $25 each) at http://www.bethechangeok.org (where her ride is referred to as "Z to OKC")

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