Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today was pretty much colored by Jenny and Joe's leaving. After a quick breakfast at Paty's Marimar -- owned by the same Paty who owns the yoga studio Sally and Jenny have been going to -- we got them in their cab, negotiated a reasonable fare, and waved good-bye. We'd heard there was lots of snow expected in the Twin Cities, and hoped their flight would be without delay.
Sally and I spent the rest of the day nursing her melancholy over this morning's parting. Of course, that meant shopping. I tried to keep up, but ended up taking a time-out to check out the day's action at the fishing pier. I caught Francisco and Capt. Mike just coming in aboard the Huntress, today flying five sailfish flags, indicating another pretty good day. I got to meet Mike's wife, Dee, who walked me to her car to pick up the Huntress t-shirts Mike had promised us. Turns out they live in La Casa Que Ve Al Mar, a high-end condo complex which Sally and I had checked out last year, with one of the most spectacular views in all of Zihua.
At the huge "gallows" (my name for the structure used to hang big fish that either didn't survive a fight to the death or were purposely killed for a more public triumph) a big black marlin was being hoisted. The scale reading converted to 253 lbs. Mike couldn't help but brag that Dee had caught one that size on 30 pound test line.
The two mile or so walk home from the town center seemed even more strenuous than usual today, with both of us a little blue, she in the heart and me around the gills. Perhaps our highlight of the day was flopping down on our backs next to our pool, dangling our parched feet in the cool water and watching the sprinkle of clouds coming off the sea evaporate as they met the dry updrafts from the mountains.
We opted for a simple, cheap and close dinner at Elvira's, where we met Abel, the parrot Sally's been hearing encouragement from every morning next door at yoga class. A wonderful strolling singer / guitar player did three songs for us at our table -- ¡que romantico!
With me still treading lightly with food and drink, we decided to keep it simple

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