Thursday, November 5, 2009

Veracruz - 11/3-4 '09

I'm at the post office (with fellow student, Nancy)
to mail a birthday card to my old pal Dick.

There are still a few altars alive and kicking
in Veracruz two days after Day of the Dead.

Boulevard Manuel Avila Camacho, the broad, waterfront
half a block from the Language Immersion School

Sheltered from the on-and-off rain, an orchestra plays
under one of the arcades surrounding the zocalo...

...and several couples ply an elegant tango alongside.

On my second visit to the Aquarium, I noticed
creatures I'd missed the first time, like these giant gar.

Lunch in the school dining hall with my compaƱeros

Fellow student Jack (from Utah) gets
some pointers from
maestra Margot.

Dinner at the zocalo with (l. to r.) Linda, teacher/charlante
Rebeca, and Jack. I'm the two-fisted drinker on the right.


Hubbs Center said...

Hi jeff this Kaw again I have alittle question? for you.

I want to know Mixico beers is like U.S beers or not?

Aned when you test this beers how do you feel about that?

Could you explian alittle of corona is what? How do they maked it? And when you drunk what happen to you next,good or bad?

thank you.Jeff
respectfully by Hubbs center student KAW.

murciƩlago said...

Hi Kaw -- Mexican beer is not too different from beers made here in the U.S. There are some golden (amber) colored ones and some darker (brown) ones. None is as good, in my opinion, as Samuel Adams, my favorite U.S. beer. See you Wednesday.