Friday, November 6, 2009

Veracruz - Fri. 11/6 '09

A special hello to my Hubbs Center English language learners!

I'm so sorry I wasn't able to post something special for you to discuss at your class Wednesday evening. I've been working on my report on my Day of the Dead weekend in Naolinco, and am happy to say that it's now posted. I hope you'll have a chance to read at least parts of it. Maybe we can discuss it next Wednesday when I'm back in the Twin Cities.

I hope you're all well and continuing to learn and gain confidence in your English. Believe me, I know what it's like learning a new language! But you're all young people and you'll soon be great English speakers.

See you all soon... Jeff


ChristiSw said...

Hi, Jeff. We're reading your blog posts and looking at your pictures. It will be good to see you on Wednesday. (We'll be in room 142, a new location.)
Your Hubbs Center Class

murciƩlago said...

Thanks, Cris -- I'll be there.